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House Party Walkthrough: Complete Amy’s Story, Walkthrough Guide, Tips

House Party isn’t just an online game you can play , but an entire experience of meeting new people and having fun in the party as you would in actual life. House Party can be described as a variation of games for dating which you could describe it as a romantic simulation game in which the participant is able to communicate with other guests with distinctive characteristics and preferences. The concept behind the game of a house party is based on real-life experiences. The game gives you a variety of choices to pick from, and the choice will lead to different outcomes within the game. The moral choice will provide you with a more satisfying game experience, similar to the real world.

The game was first released at the end of 2017 by Eek Games, and it was a massive success at the time, which is why it sold for more than 30000 copies within the initial few weeks. In the beginning of the article it is focused on interaction, decision-making as well as quests. Players can only establish the first steps towards a relationship by fulfilling quests offered by NPCs or other players. Here is the plot for House Party Game so you can get an idea of the game.

House Party Game Plan:

The game starts when the player who is the protagonist is invited to a dinner party at Madison’s home. Madison plays one of the protagonists in the game of house parties, with whom you can form relationships with, however more details will be provided in the topic in the second part of this post. There are over 25 opportunities to form relationships with people you will typically encounter while playing the game. You can finish all narratives by finishing all missions, but be aware of the fact that certain quests that could cause negative consequences on your House Party Game Walkthrough.

What exactly can aid you?. The answer is simple, as we will publish every single House Party Game Walkthrough, and House Party Guide of every possible character you could take advantage of. Here’s a checklist of tasks that are associated with the character you want to complete to establish a compelling bond with the particular game character.

House Party Amy Walkthrough

As you likely know the way this works, but let me explain that if players are looking to build an alliance with Amy then they’ll need to complete a few missions and quests in a specific sequence. After that, you could continue with Amy and play the game to the fullest.

What are the requirements for players?

  • Soda players can purchase soda from the refrigerator at Madison’s home.
  • Coffee Cup – The item is available to players in the living room located on the Frank’s (Another House Party Game Character) chair.
  • Towel Then, you must visit the restroom, and specifically the bathroom on the ground floor.
  • Madison’s phone The players will typically locate this device in the main bathroom close to the tap.
  • Paper Papers for players can be found these papers near the study Room laptop.
  • Pencil It is available to players it from the desk in the bedroom in the sky.
  • Painkillers You can purchase these drugs in the bathroom, just by the door.
  • Six Bottles Of Alcohol – Now it’s a challenge, because any player can’t locate the six bottles from one location. Therefore, they need to take the bottles by Living Room, Fireplace, Garage, Master Bedroom, Laundry Room, Upstairs Bathroom, and Study Room.

When you have all of these things in your possession, then you can proceed by following these House Party Guide and get familiar with what to expect from the House Party Game Walkthrough. Follow this step-by-step guide to complete all of the tasks with Amy.

Amy Amy House Party Game Walkthrough – Step 1

  1. Visit Amy and speak with her for the first time.
  2. The time has occur, and you should help her out in the treasure search.
  3. If you don’t, return to Amy and go through the requirements from her list.
  4. In the last step, you can deliver directly the credit card.

Amy Amy House Party Game Walkthrough – Step 2

  1. Check back with Amy and go through the list for the required items. The list will suggest you purchase condoms.
  2. Then, you speak to your friend and you get condoms.
  3. You should then look for Derek and ask him about Frank and whether Frank does not have a gay partner or. Respond with a positive answer and inform him that you are of the same opinion, and then ask him what’s the situation with Amy.
  4. Then , go to Frank and inform him that you have feelings for him. You will be given a condom following your visit to his lead.
  5. Visit Amy and hand to her the condom.
  6. Enter the room in which you’ve seen the fireplace and speak to the son.

Amy Amy House Party Game Walkthrough – Step 3

  1. Visit Amy and go through the list of items again.
  2. Reach out to Derek and request this shirt.
  3. Then , go to the computer and make the request, then print it using the printer.
  4. You must select this type of interaction with the people you want to accomplish your goal. Below is a suggestions for what you can say to the person you are talking to within the House Party Guide.
  • Amy: “You have to sign it”
  • Frank: “for re-establishing prohibition”
  • Stephanie: “The prettiest signature is the winner”
  • Katherine: “It to castrate men of all ages”
  • Brittney: “It’s for a free the campaign for nipples”
  • Ashley: “It’s for Derek to kick him out of the way”
  • Patrick: “help him, it’s a surprise petition”
  • Rachael: “Everything is cool but it’s time for Derek to remove his shirt”
  • Madison Say: Tell Madison about your brownie. You can talk to her regarding Derek.
  • Go directly to Derek and give him the petition signed by the signer, and then present the shirt to Amy.

Amy Amy House Party Game Walkthrough – Step 4

  1. Make sure to check the list time.
  2. Go then to Madison to give her her cell phone and then agree with the idea of embarrassing Ashley.
  3. You can then address Ashley and tell her that you’re truly concerned about her. Make it clear that she’s more attractive than Madison and then tell her to aid Brittney.
  4. Return to Ashley and offer her the dairy. Then, follow her into the room.
  5. You must then provide her with a wash and keep her panties.
  6. Launder the clothes inside the room for laundry and then put it into the washer, then transfer the laundry to Ashley.
  7. Visit Amy and hand Amy the panties you have saved.

Amy Amy House Party Game Walkthrough – Step 5

  1. It’s the last opportunity to go through the list. Once this is completed, you’re free to go out and enjoy an actual action from Amy.
  2. In this scenario, the players will have to inform that he is betraying the brotherhood.
  3. In the kitchen, and then start the microwave. The microwave won’t function, so you’ll need to seek assistance from Katherine to repair it.
  4. Find a cup , mix chocolate and water in it. Then go to Amy and hand her the cup.
  5. Let her know that you’d like to get to know her better and then get her to go to an area that is private.
  6. She’ll agree, and you’ll need to follow her to the room. After that, you can begin to talk about your time together until you can unlock the scene.
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