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While you’re looking to sell digital products online, the obvious choice is But a lot of content creators out there are looking for Alternatives. So, here in this blog post, we’re going to explore top 5 alternatives that’ll give you even more cash and has easy process.

Let’s get started:

Selling digital products got even easier

With so many options available today, it can be difficult to decide which tools you should use to help sell your digital products. Fortunately, there are several different platforms out there that can easily help you with this process. I’ll explore some of the top options below so you have a better idea of how to take advantage of them and begin making money from your own digital creations.

What people love about

Unlike similar services, does not charge commissions for hosting or selling your courses, which makes it really unique. Your content can be sold for as much as you want. In short, you have 100% control over your business.

If you’re an expert in anything under the sun, you can use to sell your knowledge as well as your expertise. This platform can still be a game changer for you, even if you lack any expertise! Plus, anyone who wishes to use this website can set up a business in no time at all! review explains if the product is worth buying or not. Alternatives Alternatives

Features of is an all-in-one tool that allows creators of content to sell digital products easily:

  • Online courses
  • Bundles of content (a collection of sources from different categories)
  • Memberships (access to premium or exclusive content)

It’s a subscription-based service which makes the monetization of your web presence an easy task and is rapidly becoming a game changer for a lot of online entrepreneurs.

How it works? is an easy and user-friendly platform that lets anyone with a passion for content to earn money from their work. This means that it lets you make and sell your online courses. They manage all the technical aspects so that you can concentrate on creating amazing content.

In addition to its user-friendly interface It also serves as a comprehensive marketplace for creators of content to sell their work without having to worry about hosting or processing. There are multiple ways for customers to pay (including PayPal) with no charges for transactions whatsoever. Yes, you read that exactly right – there’s no fees for transactions!

To begin using the platform all you need is an idea. You can develop your course with its drag-and-drop interface (or engage an expert from their team). After your course has been approved by the Passion team of developers and designers the course will be made accessible for purchase through the website, or within a subscription through the app store’s page. provides a variety of options which make it an ideal site for creators of content. It offers a variety of features that are advanced, such as an application platform that does not require code as well as a membership site, content creator, and much additional. is also able to support several languages, which means your online courses will be available to an international audience once you start writing content in several languages.

One of the biggest advantages is that you do not need to be concerned about security. gives you the SSL certificate and regular backups to ensure that you keep your data secure in cloud storage.

Who uses is an online platform that allows you to develop and sell online courses. This makes it an excellent option for freelancers, business owners or content creators, marketers, and anyone else who is looking to make money from their expertise.

What is provide? In short it offers everything you need to complete the following tasks:

  • Make professional-looking online courses in minutes
  • Make money from your courses directly on your site or blog
  • Enhance the value of new and existing product offerings by bundling them together with an educational course
  • Enhance engagement through built-in community features, such as live streaming and discussion

Pros and Pros and

Pros: lets you select an option to customize your store, which allows users to create their personal domain, use customized email addresses and even add banners to future classes. It also offers the option of creating discount vouchers for all courses or just a few.

It is possible to create an automated drip email campaign that will send out emails to students when they sign up for an online course. This is a great way to welcome students and giving them more details about the content of the course.

Passion offers extensive training on how you can market your course and begin to launch it This includes everything from making videos, to creating webinars, and landing pages.


Passion is not able to provide group plans when you run an enterprise with many users who want use of the service. each user will require an account on their own. However, they do offer discounts for groups when there are at least two customers signing up at the same time. Amount: $ app app

Top Alternatives

For an alternative There are several possibilities to think about:


can be a great platform creators of content who wish to create courses and then sell the courses online. It comes with tools to allow you to create lessons and modules, create an online website, build landing pages and more. Additionally, there are tools to let you to collect payment from users or clients in your courses. There is a drawback to the price that ranges between $29-$299 based on the features that you utilize.


It is a different platform that allows you to create courses in niche areas like professional fitness, development, health etc. It is a great platform to create an audience, producing content, or selling products or services on the internet. It’s much more costly than Teachable (at $49 to $499).


This tool comes with a variety of tools for those building marketing funnels that are based on classes or online courses and other types of educational tools like presentations and pdfs. It allows users to host whole websites with customized templates to increase conversions, whatever their technological abilities or budgetary limitations. However, like many other options this one comes with an expensive price (from $119 to three hundred dollars each month).


Formerly also known under the name Ghost site Clubhouse it’s now utilized by companies like Dribble to provide exclusive content access to premium members only with monthly charges. In addition to this feature, Memberful also comes with other benefits like an easy way to sign up for new accounts, or update existing accounts after payment is processed smoothly, which means there’s less work required to manage customer accounts manually every time they sign up after cancelling their account due to non-payment problems, etc.

The bottom line

If you’re an aspiring blogger, author, programmer, or other creative type, you’ve probably considered selling your digital products online to make some extra money on the side. Selling digital products like ebooks and apps online can be extremely lucrative, but getting started can be difficult if you don’t know what tools to use or where to get started.

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