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How To Split Your WordPress Post Into Multiple Pages?

In today’s world all bloggers prefer long-form content but at the same time page speed loading is a concern.  One way of reducing the impact of page speed loading and increase your engagement is by paginating the long-form blog. So, in today’s blog I will show you how to paginate a post in a WordPress website.

So let’s get started:

First of all, let me explain to you what is post pagination?

What is post pagination?

So it is basically dividing your post into a number of pages.

It can be really useful if you have a long article like a top-ten article or something where you write about a list of things in detail.

So dividing those articles into pages can be something that you want to do. But always remember to have the best user experience for your visitor.

So if you think that dividing your post into different pages can be a good user experience, then you can go ahead and do that.

How to add pagination in wordpress blog post?

Let me show you how to do it in a WordPress website.

Below is the dashboard of my WordPress website.

We’ll go to posts and I will go ahead and edit the second post right here.

So let’s go ahead and Add a page break right here.

So everything up to this paragraph will be on the second page,

so let’s press enter and they will search for page break so just type forward, slash and search for break and you can find page break over here.

You can just go ahead and click on that, or else you can also go ahead and click on this plus icon and go down to layout elements and click on page break from here.

So once you add, the page break everything after this page break over Here will be on the next page, so let’s go ahead and update our post and let’s view the post.

So here we can see our second post and if we scroll down – and we can see the page ends after this paragraph and then we can go to page 2 over here.

So if you click on the number 2, we can find the rest of the post over here, and the look of this pagination over here depends on the theme that you have installed on your WordPress website.

We Can see how it looks right now: let’s go ahead and change the theme so we’ll go to appearance and click on themes and right now we have the Sydney theme selected will activate the 2016 theme all right now, let’s refresh our page, and here we can See our pagination looks completely different, all right, so that’s how you paginate a post in a WordPress website. Let’s just go into the post and click on edit and I’ll, show you how the HTML looks for the page break.

So, let’s Click on edit – and this is the page break right here: let’s go to the options and click on code editor and if we scroll down, so this is the code for the page break.

So if you want to add a page break without going to the plus icon and adding the page break from there, you can add page break with these three lines of code all right.

So that’s basically it for today’s article.

If you have any doubts, you can ask in the comments below and click on, the like button.

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